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Central Croydon Two-Storey Side Extension

A two-storey side extension and complete internal renovation redefine this Central Croydon end-of-terrace house, creating a stylish family home, centred around a three-storey light well.

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Making use of the land to the side of property, the new modern two-storey extension houses an entrance hall, utility room, bathroom and bedroom.

The existing house is hard to manoeuvre given the lack of circulation zones, typical of a Central Croydon period property. The new design offers better accessibility throughout the house; By shifting the entrance, staircase and back-of-house spaces to the side extension, the existing Victorian part of the house can be better conserved - its period features retained where possible.

The materiality of the new extension is intended to match the existing building. Externally, the existing style of bricks will be set out in a contemporary grid-like structure, making it clear where the old house finishes and the new extension begins. Internally, the new spaces will have a modern industrial style with exposed steel beams, timber roof joists and modern finishes.

An open plan kitchen/ family/ dining room is located towards the rear of the property, with large steel doors leading to outside, enhancing the industrial aesthetic.  The proposal will create a better connection between the house and the garden, allowing for a terrace to be created to the rear of the kitchen.

A central atrium with roof lights brings light through the house and sets the architectural language of the new space from the moment one enters the front entrance hallway.

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