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Croydon Brand Centre Design

This was the second commercial brand centre design project that we were asked to work on by Rush Athletics, following the completion of their previous Croydon HQ the year before.

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With the brand needing to upsize to a warehouse space, Rush Athletics Headquarters is a highly ambitious project that proposes a large retail and product distribution zone at ground level, with a full brand space on the first floor, complete with a sports training area, offices, podcase suite and events lounge.

The Client intended for the brand centre to have a futuristic aesthetic - as if by entering the HQ you are transported to outer space, rather than a warehouse in Croydon.

A high tech retail space will welcome customers at ground floor level with ‘The Pod’ (a semi-enclosed cage space for 1-to-1 skipping tutorials).

Upstairs, zones are clearly delineated by the use of colour and materials – dark sprung flooring, walls and ceiling identify the training zone, meeting room and podcast suite. White walls and flooring with mirrored surfaces and coloured light identify the circulation zones, office, lounge and bar.

The colour palette to the brand centre is mostly a black and white backdrop to the bright skipping ropes that are dotted around the space. Coloured led lighting to each of the different zones accents the skipping rope colours. 

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