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Development in Croydon!

Croydon Lives

We are thrilled to have won Croydon Council's Reimagine Subways design competition, that seeks to re-purpose the disused subways across the town centre.

Development in Croydon!: Video

Croydon Lives is a collection of urban interventions that re-purpose old subways into use-able spaces that are suited to the needs of the people of Croydon. The functions of each subway are specific to the surrounding context and heritage of their location. Local business and the spirit of community remain at the heart of these interventions; a Pop-up Restaurant, Street Art Gallery, Running Track, Underground Cinema & Themed Market.

Croydon has developed significantly over the past few years. New homes and industry have attracted a huge amount of new residents. With this, we have seen the addition of exciting new spaces. There is a spirit of reappropriation, with venues such as Matthews Yard, First Floor Space and Trmw Hub that have sprung out of disused space; The town embraces a vibrant street art scene, which plays as much of a role in the colour and character of the town centre as the built form does.

Development in Croydon!: News & Updates
Development in Croydon!: Pro Gallery
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