Our Process 

Planning ​

Planning or Permitted Development: Once our clients are happy with the design, we start to prepare the planning application or application for permitted development. Planning permission is a legal consent that allows you to build. Many designs may not require planning permission as they are classed as permitted development. Permitted development allows you to build straight away without permission but imposes certain limitations to material and size.

Planning Application: We produce a full planning application, which consists of 2-dimensional drawings with the addition of rendered images and reports if required. If it is clear that an additional report is required from an external professional consultant, we will identify a company and deal directly with them. We offer the production of the following reports:

  • Design and Access Statement

  • Flood Risk Assessment

​Concept Design

Research: Our services generally start with in-depth research through observation and discussions with our clients about how they live, what motivates them and what their aspirations are for their space. 

Concept design: The design process begins with concept design, where research is developed into 3-dimensional design. 

Developed Design: Once the design principles are established, we develop the concept design into a rationalised built form. During design meetings, we discuss with our clients all aspects of the design such as the benefits of different materials, products and finishes. At this stage we also develop the interior design package if required.

Technical Design

Following the submission of the Planning Application, we start to develop the design into a set of technical drawings and specification. These drawings set out how the building will be built and note any site conditions, products, materials and relevant information.

Tender Package

Once the technical information is finalised, we prepare a package of drawings and information that form the Tender Package. This package is sent to a selection of contractors who are pre-selected to tender for the work. We can assist you in selecting a list of contractors and sending and receiving the tender packages.