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How to get Planning Permission or Permitted Development

Planning or Permitted Development?

Planning permission is a legal consent that allows you to build or modify architecture.

Many designs may not require Planning Permission as they are classed as Permitted Development. Alterations or additions that fall within Permitted Development follow strict design rules limiting things like height/ depth of new extensions and choice of materials.

Permitted Development allows you to build straight away without permission however we normally recommend that you apply for a Certificate of Lawful Development to ensure that what you are building is definitely permitted.

For all other types of development, a Planning Application will need to be submitted to the local council.

Planning application drawing by Cherry Architects
Example of a Planning Application by Cherry Architects

Outline Planning Application

If the design is particularly dissimilar to surrounding properties or contentious, it may require an outline planning application. This should be submitted when the design is at an early stage, to understand whether it is worth continuing the design process in a certain direction. This is useful for larger developments such as new build houses and blocks of flats.

Pre-Application Planning Meeting

For proposals that may be tricky to get planning permission or that require advice from the planning department, it may be necessary to meet with the local planning department to discuss the scheme and develop a way forward. Cherry Architects can arrange and attend pre-application meetings on our client’s behalf.

Planning Application

At Cherry Architects, we produce a full planning application package, which consists of 2-dimensional drawings with the addition of rendered images and reports if required, depending on the nature of the project.

Cherry Architects offer the production of the following reports:

• Design and Access Statement

• Flood Risk Assessment

If it is clear that an additional report is required from an external professional, we will identify a company and deal directly with them on your behalf.

We will submit the Planning Application to your local authority on your behalf and deal directly with any correspondence.

The council’s planning consideration process takes approximately 8 weeks for a straightforward project. Larger and more complex projects can take up to 13 weeks. During Covid-19, Planning Applications and Certificates of Lawful Development can take longer.

Planning Appeal

If the application is unsuccessful, we shall arrange an appeal. If the project requires amendments for resubmission, we can assess the reasons for the decision and prepare an alternative design in response for re-submittal.

Application for Lawful Development Certificate

If your project is classed as Permitted Development, we will prepare an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development to send to the local council. Provided that the design follows the size and material requirements for Permitted Development, you can start work without a Certificate of Lawful Development; but we advise getting one to avoid risk!

Cherry Architects do Planning Applications!

At Cherry Architects, we have experience working with many local authority planning departments, particularly Croydon, St Albans, Lambeth, Hertsmere, Bromley & Camden.

We have an excellent understanding of the local planning policies that dictate the architectural styles of each of the areas that we cover, which is why we have such a successful planning application record. We know what type of designs are likely to gain permission and with our local expertise, we guide our clients through the system.

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