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Planning Permission in St Albans

Bungalow Extension

The St Albans Bungalow

We are thrilled to have gained Planning Permission for the development of a single-storey bungalow in St Albans into a double height contemporary family home.

Not having been updated since it was built, the bungalow is in need of serious modernisation. Our client sought our help to transform the building into a contemporary home to display their modern art and record collection.

We have added a loft extension and garage conversion to increase the accommodation, whilst also transforming the living space into a double height space, which both doubles the amount of wall space to display their art work and increases the perception of space.

Situated on a hill on the edge of St Albans with views out over the greenbelt, the design includes large areas of glazing that offer views out on two levels. In the first floor dressing room, we have included a glazed panoramic screen that allows the client to look out through the rooflights towards the open countryside.

Now that we have Planning Permission, work is underway on site and we hope that the building will be complete by Christmas.

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St Albans Bungalow: News & Updates
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