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St Albans Garage Conversion

Transforming a 1980’s St Albans house, through internal reconfiguration, the addition of a garage conversion and small rear extension, to create a unique and modern open-plan space; without a significant increase in footprint.

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A series of individually articulated spaces that are interconnected allow our clients, an adventurous couple and their lively children, to cohabit within the same space. The kitchen and dining area take up the full length of one side of the house, centred around a new L-shaped kitchen island that responds to the awkwardly narrow proportions of the space.

The existing St Albans house transitions into the new garage conversion at the side with a large rooflight spanning the full length, serving as a dramatic contemporary introduction to the new extension and bringing light into the centre of the plan.

The modern addition to the rear of the garage conversion mirrors the existing house with its pitched roof and a materiality of brick and render; its tall height juxtaposing with the low ceilings of the original house. 

A large oriel window and window seat are the focal point of the rear extension to this St Albans house – drawing eyes towards the garden and providing a fun area for the kids to sit and play.

Storage is integrated into the walls and the window seat to provide ample space to store toys whilst appearing to be part of the architecture. Full-height wall panels open to reveal concealed storage as well as hidden doors into the new utility room and reduced size garage space.

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