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St Albans House Extension

A full internal re-working and rear extension are proposed to this 1970’s semi-detached house in St Albans; designed as a series of interconnected spaces that form a horse-shoe shape around a central structural wall, providing an open layout whilst also a sense of intimacy within each of the spaces.

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Internal glazing brings light and visibility into the centre of this St Albans house, whilst keeping the spaces separate. Large metal glazed screens between the office, hallway and living room, fulfil our client’s desire to keep her home office separate but maintain a spatial relationship with the rest of the house - to keep an eye on her children whilst working.

The house extension is articulated as an asymmetric double-pitched form, with narrow timber cladding. Exposed steel beams and timber to the roof structure boldly express its construction and materiality. Discrete lighting sits within the gaps between each of the timbers to illuminate the roof at night-time.

An oriel window that projects outwards from the main house extension creates a window seat. Strategically positioned, the window seat frames the view towards the garden from across the kitchen and beyond to the St Albans landscape.

Internal materiality is defined by a bold and playful colour and materials pallet, with mint green paint to the walls & wall panels and plywood kitchen cabinets that complement the exposed timber roof of the extension.

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