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About Us

At Cherry Architects, we strive to create beautiful, light-filled buildings that not only enhance the character of their surroundings, but also respond to the daily needs of those inhabiting them. Our adoption of digital modelling and virtual reality technology allows us to design primarily in 3-dimension; offering our clients the unique ability to explore their future space in real-time and play an essential role in the design process.

Our services are always bespoke to the requirements of each individual project, rather than being one size fits all. Cherry Architects work with a range of clients from many different backgrounds; from creating dynamic commercial spaces for local businesses, to bespoke new build houses for property developers, to modern house extensions for local families looking to add additional space to their homes.

Whatever the scale, Cherry Architects is dedicated throughout the design process to ensuring high quality and cost-effective design is always delivered.

With an excellent knowledge of local Planning policy and a wealth of experience in the architecture and construction industry, our design process merges practical knowledge with creative thinking. We are constantly exploring how design can best serve our client’s daily needs and their budget constraints.

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Our Vision

Cherry Architects was founded by Director Abigail Watts-Cherry.
Having worked for many years in the corporate design world, Abigail saw first-hand how the use of digital technology and virtual reality in architecture could transform the design process, communicating design ideas to clients and allowing them to experience the full 3-dimensional potential of a design concept. She started Cherry Architects with the intention of downscaling this approach to smaller scale and domestic design projects, as a tool to allow clients to be fully engaged within the design process, regardless of size or budget.

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How We Work With Clients

At Cherry Architects, we work closely with our clients at the start of the project to understand as much as we can about who they are, how they live and what motivates them. By getting to know each other, we are able to design spaces that best respond to their spatial needs.

Undertaking a construction project can be complex, particularly if you have not undertaken one before. At Cherry Architects, we aim to simplify the process as much as possible and guide our clients through all aspects of the design journey; always on hand to answer any questions that they may have throughout the process.

With many years of experience in the locations that we serve, we have good links to a vast network of local engineers, surveyors and builders and can make recommendations to ensure that our clients are always looked after.

Through using 3D visualisation and virtual reality technology, Cherry Architects are able to effectively communicate design ideas with our clients, who may be used to seeing design only on 2D plans or who may have never worked on a house extension before.

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Virtual Reality & 3D Visualisation

Virtual reality and 3D visualisation technology allow us at Cherry Architects to transport our clients into the virtual world of their house extension, new build house or commercial space.

We use the latest digital software to model the built form, and produce rendered images, virtual video walk-throughs and virtual reality panoramas. We find this is a highly effective way of communicating design intent and allows our clients a constant involvement in the design process, by envisioning in 3-dimension how space will be experienced.

By stepping inside the virtual building, we are able to notice spatial opportunities that could not be realised through looking at 2D plans alone; we can consider how buildings will be experienced in real life before they are built.

At Cherry Architects, virtual reality also allows us to explore how site specific factors such as neighbouring buildings and daylight will affect the proposed space. We can assess how sunlight will move throughout the day and then adapt the building orientation and glazing strategy to make the most of this.

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