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Shirley Kitchen Extension

A tall side kitchen extension to a suburban house in Shirley, Croydon creates a large sociable kitchen for a family in need of a larger kitchen space for cooking and entertaining.

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Looking for their kitchen to be the heart of the home, our clients approached us make use of the land to the side of their house, to double the size of their small Shirley kitchen and provide vital additional storage.

As well as increasing the footprint, the extension ceiling height was raised to 3 metres, giving space to add an additional row of kitchen units.

 A large rooflight at the top of the tall ceiling kitchen brings in light from above, creating a cathedral-like atmosphere within the space, in contrast to the lower ceilings in the rest of the house; reinforcing the identity of the space as the heart of the home.

Taking inspiration from the original parquet flooring typical of Shirley houses, new herringbone wall tiles sit across two walls of the kitchen extension and new herringbone wooden flooring has been installed throughout.

The rest of the house was fully upgraded with the style of the kitchen extension setting the precedents, including the addition of a downstairs shower room, re-building of the upstairs bathroom and increased entrance hall.

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